Torx® extractors (9 pcs)

  • Special tapered Torx® and twist profile easily removes damaged or stripped bolts.
  • Suitable for internal hex, internal round and internal Torx® and Torx® Plus.
  • Material S2 is a type of steel with enhanced strength.
  • Not to be used with an air/impact wrench.
  • Smaller sizes broaden applications: automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and house appliances.
  • Includes a wrench.
  • Application:
    • T6, T7, T8 (2mm), T9, T10 (2.5mm), T15 (3mm), T23(3.5mm), T25 (4mm)
  • Height of each extractor: 38mm
  • Product not available in USA
  • Stock Ref. No. 9CL-9103733
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Packing BMC
Packaging 50 sets/carton
N.W 0.2 kg/set
10 kg/carton
G.W. 11 kg/carton
Size 12 x 8.8 x 3 cm/set
Size cm/carton
  1. Choose a suitable size of extractor.
  2. Install the extractor on object.
  3. Remove the object.


  1. Drill a hole on stripped object.
  2. Choose a suitable size of extractor.
  3. Install the extractor on object.
  4. Remove the object.