Power steering fluid

  • PT9 – ATF exchange machine

    For more information about this machine, please contact us here: sales3@9circleint.com


    • Designed for fast exchange and also flush of the ATF system and the PSF system without any spilled or dropped fluid.
    • Complete set of adapters for a universal coverage of vehicles.
    • 2 transparent tanks for observing the quality of the fluids and the work progress.

    * Not available for Canada and USA

  • Synthetic hydraulic fluid WERT high performance power steering fluid (PSF)

    • Power steering
    • Rear-axle steering
    • Level control
    • Hydro-pneumatic suspension
    • Shock absorbers
    • WERT Power Steering Fluid (PSF) is a high-quality fluid for hydraulic systems. Thoroughly selected additives and synthetic components provide best properties at temperatures ranging from -40C to +100C, high antioxygenic, and chemical stability during the whole operation life.

    * Not available for Canada and USA