A/C System

  • A/C System cleaning machine

    • Fast exchange A/C fluid and make maintenance
    • Included “Cleaning” function with flush chamber
    • Half automatic design to help mechanic easier make A/C inspection and trouble shooting
    • 99% recover A/C efficiency
    • Made in Taiwan, guaranteed quality

    For more information about this machine, please contact us here: sales3@9circleint.com

    * Not available for Canada and USA

  • CDC64 Sanitizer For All Air Conditioning System

    • Available in 400ml and 4L
    • Sanitize all surfaces and covers them with protective film
    • Eliminates malodors
    • Prevents from allergies, irritations to the eyes and to the skin, colds, and coughing
    • Extends the lifetime of the system and optimizes its functionality
    • Leaves a delicate and long-lasting scent of lavender

    * Not available for Canada and USA

  • A/C Spray tool

    • 9CL-47702 can connect CDC64 (400ml) for A/C cleaning
    • Size: Ø35 x 20L