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C9 Coolant Quick Exchange Machine

  • Model:9CL-75600

    Product Introduction

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    Coolant Quick Exchange Machine

    •  C9 is designed for fast exchange coolant without any spilled or dropped coolant.
    •  Complete set of adapters for universal application, regardless of what kind of cooling system the vehicle has, if works from the radiator or from an   expansion tank or reservoir, has all the adapters for any kind of vehicle whether is Asian, American, or European.
    •  Also has adapters to allow you to work from the radiator upper hose. Giving the mechanic several options on working methods.
    •  Pneumatic power source.
      •  Need to connect the machine to the shop's air compressor.
    •  Machine construction:
      •  2L chamber for showing used coolant status (on the top middle of the machine).
      •  11L tank for distilled water and flush chemical (CL45) (Front left tank).
      •  11L tank for new coolant (G13) (Front right tank).
        •  These three tanks are totally transparent and have a special construction that prevents them from turning dark or yellowish over time,   ensuring that they are always transparent to guarantee an adequate comparison between the liquids extracted and those to be filled.
      •  20L drum for gathering used coolant (inside the machine's rear compartment).

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