Product Details

Combustion Chamber Clean Tool

  • Model:9CL-40288

    Product Introduction

    •  Active clean method for combustion chamber.
    •  Efficiently clean combustion chamber carbon.
    •  Reduce smoke and increase engine power.
    •  Funnel is individual item(9CL-40285-05).
    • Suitable to connect M12 & M14 spark plug sizes

           HOW TO USE
    • Remove the spar plugs of the vehicle. 
    • Pour 60ml of EXT43 to each spark plug housing and install the adapters of 9CL-40288.
    • Start the engine so a dynamic cleaning can be performed, the chemical solution of EXT43(N) will completely flush the combustion chamber, and the inlet and exhaust valves to the exhaust system. Keep it at idle for 20-40 minutes.
    • After cleaning the combustion chamber, highly recommended to change engine oil and oil filter, and refill the vehicle with high quality engine oil.
    • Frequency: Every 20,000 km

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