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TC9 – Engine flush machine / ATF / PSF / Intake Cleaning / Oil Shower / Air Shower

  • Model:9CL-65600

    Product Introduction

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    Engine flush machine
    Multifunctional Machine

    •  Suitable for all gasoline and diesel engines with and without a diesel particulate filter (DPF). Tested for use with turbochargers and catalytic converters.
    •  The perfect solution for cleaning the engine with running engine. Removes black sludge and other acid contaminants in oil line. Increases the operational reliability of the engine and prevents lubrication deficiency. Gently cleans oil holes, oil screens, piston ring grooves and ducts and prevents engine damage and stop oil burning.
    •  Complete set of adapters for universal application, regardless of whether the vehicles are gasoline or diesel, whether they have dipstick, whether they have drain plugs in the oil pan, it works on all.
    •  Stainless steel filter with transparent chamber, which filters all the impurities inside the engine while the systems are flushed, the filter will retain all those impurities and can be shown to the vehicle owner as proof of the good maintenance service that is being provided. toasting the vehicle.
    •  2 tanks of 5 liters each, totally transparent, to keep track of the workflow, and compare the quality of the extracted oils with the new oils to be introduced.
      •  The tanks hold any type of fluid and oil, including motor oil, oil for automatic transmission, hydraulic for power steering.
      •  The tanks have a special construction that prevents them from turning dark or yellowish over time, ensuring that they are always transparent to   guarantee an adequate comparison between the liquids extracted and those to be filled.
    •  The machine contains a pneumatic pump and an electric motor.
      •  The pneumatic pump works by connecting the machine to the shop air compressor.
      •  The electric motor works by connecting to the 12V vehicle battery.
    •  Maximum working air pressure: 3 kg / cm2


    •  Internal engine cleaning (Engine Flush).
      •  Engine on.
    •  Cleaning the intake manifold (Intake Cleaning).
      •  Engine on.
    •  Cleaning the exhaust system, including the catalytic converter and DPF.

      •  Engine on.
    •  Cleaning the EGR valve.

      •  Engine on.
    •  Turbo VGT / VNT cleaning.

      •  Engine on.
    •  Air Shower.

      •  Engine off.
      •  It puts air under pressure to the engine or transmission, which helps to finish draining 100% of the oil that was stored in the pipes and the oil pans and could not be drained by gravity.
    •  Oil Shower.

      •  Engine off.
      •  Put flush oil into the oil pipes to help finish cleaning them, thus preventing the new oil to be introduced from mixing with old oil or impurities that are inside the engine. Taking better advantage of the new oil to be filled.
    •  Oil Bath.

      •  Engine on.
      •  Function to be used in vehicles that do not have a drain plug in the oil pan, or vehicles where it is necessary to dismantle the entire crankcase to drain the oil, can be performed either on an engine oil pan or an oil pan for the automatic transmission.
      •  It cleans the inside of the engine creating an internal shower, the machine extracts the oil through the hole where the dipstick goes and introduces the flush oil through the oil filler neck.

    Optional extra functions:

    •  Cleaning the automatic transmission case.
    •  Automatic transmission oil change (ATF).
    •  Cleaning the power steering system.
    •  Change of power steering hydraulics (PSF).
    •  To perform these 4 extra functions, the 9CL-47704 adapter set needs to be purchased separately.

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