Product Details


  • Model:9CL-AT9G

    Product Introduction

    •  Mercedes-Benz-Blatt
       236.12, 236.14, 236.15, 236.16
       236.17, 236.41
    •  AT9G is designed for 9-Speed transmission for Mercedes Benz.
    •  The high-technology combination of additives ensures excellent antifriction properties for gear couplings and superior friction properties for friction elements   thus ensuring a significant fuel economy, a   continuous, exact, and smooth transmission shift in any driving conditions, and extended service life of the   automatic gearbox itself and all transmission elements. It ensures a coordinated and smooth   operation of clutches. It prevents scuffing. It allows reducing   lacquering, formation of sludge, soot, and other carbon deposits, increasing the time between oil changes and ensuring the durability of   transmission components thus reducing the equipment maintenance costs.