Product Details

13 Pcs Brake Cap Set

  • Model:9CL-32019

    Product Introduction

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    •  To be installed in the brake fluid reservoirs and thus connect the pressure (filling) hoses of the brake fluid exchange machines.
    •  Specially designed for use with the 9CIRCLE PB9, B9 and SB9 machines.
    •  Variety of adapters for wide application.
    •  Adjustable adapters, which allow a perfect installation, since many times the brake fluid reservoirs (being plastic) can lose their shape a bit over time, and generic brake reservoirs that were exchanged with the original ones, have sizes with minimal variations, making 9CIRCLE adapters fit smoothly, preventing fill leaks, and helping to keep air out of the system.
    •  European type male connection couplings, which also allows them to be used with any machine or equipment on the market that has filling hoses with European type connection coupling.