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SB9 Stainless Steel Brake Fluid Exchange Machine

  • Model:9CL-32011

    Product Introduction

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    •  Body made entirely of stainless steel, providing a more luxurious look to the automotive service workshop.

    •  Super effective equipment, it only requires one person for the operation.
    •  Two independent electric motors
      •  An electric motor for bleeding the brake fluid

      •  An electric motor for filling the brake fluid

    •  By having an electric motor for filling the brake fluid, it provides a constant and guaranteed flow, which allows it to be used to fill any type of brake system, be it traditional, ABS, ESP, EDS, SBC, etc.

    •  Suction and filling occur at the same time, allowing brake fluid change on all 4 wheels in less than 15 minutes.

    •  2 Crystal clear transparent tanks of 2Liters each, which allows you to compare the quality of the extracted brake fluid and the brake fluid to be filled.
      •  The tanks support any type of brake fluid whether they are DOT3, DOT4, DOT5, DOT5.1 and their variants including CLASS VI, among others.
      •  The tanks have a special construction that prevents them from turning dark or yellowish over time, ensuring that they are always transparent to guarantee an adequate comparison between the liquids extracted and those to be filled.
    •  10-liter tank where the drained extracted brake fluid will be stored. Allowing a faster continuous work.
    •  1cm deep basket at the base of the two transparent tanks, to place tools to use while the service is carried out and are within a comfortable reach.
    •  Rear compartment for storage of tools, adapters, and other products to use at the time of service.
    •  Stainless steel filter with a crystal-clear transparent chamber, which filters all impurities from the extracted brake fluid, the filter will hold all those impurities and can be shown to the vehicle owner as proof of the good maintenance service that is being provided to the vehicle.

    Optional adapter sets:

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