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FT99 Treatment & Conditioner

  • Model:9CC-FT99

    Product Introduction

    • For Engine     
    • For Differential 
    • For Manual Transmission

    With normal operation, engine oil slowly looses the ability to maintain adequate levels of lubricity, viscosity, corrosion protection, deposit control, and debris and contaminants suspension necessary to protect the internal parts. The degradation of the oil is inevitable! Two critical functions of oil lost with use are: (a) the lubrication film leaves on the surfaces of parts, which minimizes internal damage and metal-on-metal wear: and(b) the viscosity, or thickness of the oil which plays a role in keeping the sludge and debris in suspension for removal with oil change instead of build-up internally. The end results of this oil breakdown are (a) a loss in engine power, (b) a loss in fuel economy, (c) valves and pistons to ping or rap, (d) increases the possibility of damage resulting from inadequate lubrication on parts, and (e) accumulation of sludge and varnish on 
    internal engine parts which hinder normal engine operation.

    9Circle’s combines exceptional lubricity and performance-aiding additives to bring you FT99, a multi-purpose formula designed to penetrate and restore surfaces susceptible to the formation of sludge and varnish while strengthening the lubrication film to keep control deposits. As contaminants are lifted from these surfaces, the amount of friction and 
    wear diminishes within the crankcase.

    • Improve engine compression
    • Remove and prevent sludge 
    • Increase fuel economy