Product Details

M24 Canister Type Oil Filter Adapter for Oil Shower Services

  • Model:9CL-65600-M24

    Product Introduction

    •  To be used in any of the following 9 Circle products
      •  TC9 - Multifuncional Flush Machine.
      •  CT9 - Engine Flush Machine.
      •  PE9 - Engine Flush Portable Machine.
      •  9CL-60740 Oil Shower Kit.
      •  9CL-60741 Oil Shower and Intake Cleaning Kit.
    •  Extra adapter (not included in the standard adapter set of the above products)
    •  Size: M24x1.5P
    •  How to use:
      •  Remove the oil filter of the vehicle (canister type), install the adapter on the oil filter housing, which will work as the oil/air shower inlet port for the Air/Oil shower functions of the 9 Circle products   mentioned above.
    •  Application:
      •  Daihatsu
      •  Ford
      •  Hino
      •  Nissan
      •  Toyota
      •  etc.
    •  For more detailed application, please contact us.