2022/03/25 2022 華人公益獎 / Charity Award

🏆2022 華人公益獎 / Charity Award

Belief / Education / Future

👍9-CIRCLE 有優質的品牌形象並提供一流的產品, 是品牌永續的精神。
培育種子更是我們極為重視的一環, 所以我們致力於產學合作, 教育並提拔優秀的台灣南亞學生。9-CIRCLE的品牌社會責任是將這強烈的信念一代傳一代。

👍9-CIRCLE has a high-quality brand image and provides first-class products, which is the spirit of brand sustainability.
Cultivating seeds is a part that we attach great importance to, so we are committed to industry-university cooperation, Educating and promoting outstanding Taiwanese or Southeast Asian students.