9-CIRCLE is decided to providing mechanics the best “combination” products for car main 9 systems such as Engine/Cooling/Brake/Fuel/Power Train/ Air Conditioning/Steering/ Underbody/ Professional maintenance systems.

The combination products range included oil and fluid, cleaners and additives, professional machines, and special tools.

9-CIRCLE believes, SAFETY is the most important condition for car and car drivers, based on this principle, 9-CIRCLE has been developing high quality oil and chemicals with strong “Performance & Protection” concept.

Except fluid, 9-CIRCLE provides many unique designs of professional machines and tools to help workshop mechanics achieving high working efficiency and customer’s satisfaction.

SHOW THEM as 9-CIRCLE slogan, we aim to help mechanic using 9-CIRCLE outstanding products, modern and active marketing plan, and workshop consultant system to SHOW their passion and professional skills.