Special ring for BMW

  • An accessory to be used with 9CL-20071 and 9CL-20073.
  • Specially designed for BMW coil springs with fewer coils
  • OD: Ø176 mm ID: Ø140 mm
  • Inner ring cover (yellow) reaches EU RoHS standards, containing no substances of very high concerns (SVHC).
  • Stock Ref. No. 9CL-11007-14
  • Dimensions
  • Instructions
Packing White box
Packaging 10 sets/carton
N.W 1.95 kg/set
19.5 kg/carton
G.W. 20.5 kg/carton
Size 17.9 x 22 x 4.5 cm/set
Size 50 x 19.4 x 24 cm/carton
  1. Dismount MacPherson damper from the vehicle, and fix the damper securely on the vise.
  2. Connect the ring accessory to the upper part of main body of the damper spring compressor, and connect the lower jaw to the lower part of the main body. Use the bolts provided to fasten securely the upper ring and lower jaw to the main body.
  3. Mount the tool to the damper spring. Upper ring should reach the round-shaped damper top cover.
  4. Adjust the length of the main body of the main body by rotating the nut on top. Lower jaw should be closely fitted to the lower part of the damper spring.
  5. Use a spanner or an air wrench to rotate the top nut to compress the damper spring.