Oil funnel set

  • For refilling oil and fluids.
  • Long bar is designed for transmission dipstick located in difficult to reach places, e.g. Acura and Honda.
  • Stock Ref. No. 9CL-612704281
  • Dimensions
  • Instructions
Packing Color box
Packaging 10 sets/carton
N.W 0.6 kg/set
6 kg/carton
G.W. 7 kg/carton
Size 44 x 13.4 x 13.4 cm/set
Size 70 x 45 x 28 cm/carton


  1. Remove drain plug and drain the auto transmission fluid clean.
  2. Install drain plug back.
  3. Remove auto transmission dipstick.
  4. Install funnel and refilling bar and refill auto transmission fluid with high efficiency funnel set.
  • Easily insert into deep and narrow ATF refilling hole, especially required on HONDA and ACURA vehicles.