Featured products

  • 12.5 Liter pneumatic and manual ATF refilling set

    • For fast refilling new ATF on transmission without dipstick.
    • Special design combines pneumatic and manual functions together.
    • Large tank 12.5 liters (3.3 gallon) is suitable for refilling fluids with large volume.
    • Includes 10 adapters for most popular vehicles (Audi, Ford, Mercedes, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo).
    • Stock Ref. No. 9CL-625803373-9
  • B9 Brake bleeding machine

    For more information about this machine, please contact us here: sales3@9circleint.com

    • High efficiency:
      • Drains old brake fluid and refills new brake fluid at the same time.
    • Easy compare:
      • 2 liters transparent chambers easily compare old and new fluid quality.

    Optional adapter sets:


    * Not available for Canada and USA

  • TC9 Engine flush machine

    For more information about this machine, please contact us here: sales3@9circleint.com


    • 3-step perfect flush
      1. Active flush work with filter cleans engine oil line sludge and contaminants.
      2. Two 5 liters transparent tanks provide oil shower and air shower to flush out remained oil and flush chemical.
      3. Intake & exhaust system clean during engine oil line flushing helps increasing engine performance.

    * Not available for Canada and USA


  • Coolant quick exchange machine-C9

    For more information about this machine, please contact us here: sales3@9circleint.com


    • C9 is designed for fast exchange coolant without any spilled or dropped coolant.
      Recommended to work from upper hose, also available to work from radiator cap.
      Pneumatic power source.
    • C9 includes:
      • 2L chamber for showing
      used coolant status
      • 20L tank for gathering used coolant
      • 11L tank for distilled water and flush chemical (CL45)
      • 11L tank for new coolant (G13)

    * Not available for Canada and USA

  • 7’’ low profile sway bar link pliers with sawteeth

    • Holds and easily removes sway bar link.
    • Special 3-point gripping design strongly grips and works on rusted nuts, pipes and other objects.
    • Thinner body (compared to 9CL-89101) to tackle limited space problems.
  • Multipurpose connector set (92 pcs)

    • For testing automotive sensors, electromagnetic valves, air bags, as well as other electric systems.
    • Suitable for all major vehicle types.
    • In use with digital multimeters.
    • Stock Ref. No. 9CL-47150
  • Oil funnel for Volkswagen

    • Funnel fits to oil filler neck.
    • No unsafe spills on engine or floor.
    • Transparent tube displays oil flow.
    • Hands-free working.


  • Hand cleanser

    • Advantages: contains scrub,remove extreme dirt.
    • Application: apply small dosage of paste, rub hands, wash off with water.
    • Storage under temperature 0°C…+30°C.

    * Not available for USA and Canada

  • EXT26 Motor Reborn Cleaner


    • MPI /GDI /Diesel /CRDI  injectors clean
    • Combustion chamber & Intake valves clean
    • Exhaust valves clean
    • EGR & VGT Turbo clean
    • DPF / CRT Filter clean
    • EXT26 complete fuel system tune-up helps eliminate noisy
      injectors & fuel pumps, rough idle, hard starting and hesitation.
    • Motor reborn cleaner (250ml)
    • Holland Engineering / Made in EU / Bologna Italy

    * Not available for Canada and USA

  • EXT43(N) Combustion Chamber Cleaner

    • Combustion chamber clean directly
    • Removes varnish and carbon deposits
    • Compression repair
    • Restores lost power
    • A smoother idle and acceleration
    • Reduction of exhaust emissions
    • Combustion Chamber Cleaner (250ml)
    • Holland Engineering / Made in EU / Bologna Italy

    * NOT available for aluminum engine block

    * Not available for USA and Canada

  • EXT55 Intake/Exhaust Cleaner

    • Air intake cleaning
    • Intake valves cleaning
    • Combustion chamber cleaning
    • Throttle body cleaning
    • Exhaust valves clean (Indirect)
    • EGR & VGT turbo clean (Indirect)
    • DPF / CRT filter clean (Indirect)
    • Work with 9CL-47703, 9CL-40800 or TC9 machines

    + Requires special spraying tools or equipment by 9CIRCLE

    + In case of overfull contamination, it recommends dismantle and handwork cleaning.

    * Not available for USA and Canada

  • LEGEND 5W30

    • SAE: 5W30
    • ACEA:  C2/C3
    • API: SN/CF
    • MB 229.31/229.51
    • BMW LL-04
    • VW504.00/507.00
    • PORSCHE A40   RENAULT RN 0700/0710
    • GM DEXOS 2


    LEGEND 5W-30 is sophisticated fully synthetic motor oil obtained from the specially selected synthetic PAO base oils using Ester Technology. By using the latest technologies, and the most advanced additive system (MIDSAPS), this oil meets or even exceeds the requirements of modern engine manufacturers. Oil proves its highest protection of the engine in all operating conditions, reduces the formation of deposits, the engine stays as new. It reduces the friction of up to 10%, thus guarantees higher engine power while reducing fuel consumption to 7%. Designed for use in gasoline and diesel engines where the manufacturer recommends using the oil complying with the ACEA C3 standard or earlier. Ready to be mixed with other branded motor oils of this kind.

    * Not available for Canada and USA

  • CL45 Radiator & Cooling System Flush


    • Creates anti-corrosion

    • Safe on all components of the cooling system

    • Contains specialized buffing agents

    • Removes contaminants and sludge from cooling system

    • Recommended use will protect cooling system from rust and scale

    • PH:12.1

    * Not available for Canada and USA

  • MP99 Oil Treatment & Conditioner

    • Drastically reduce exhaust smoke
    • Improve oil viscosity index & viscosity
    • Reduce oil degradation with temperature
    • Reduce friction
    • Quiet knocking
    • Increase oil pressure


    * Not available in USA and Canada

  • GR38 Head Gasket Stop Leak And Block Repair


    • No need to drain cooling system

    • Will not harm cooling system if used properly

    • Simple one-step formula

    • Prevent future head gasket & block

    • Seals leaks in entire cooling system

    • Heavy duty formula

         * Not available for Canada and USA


  • PEL Flushing Oil -20L

    • 20L

    • Engine oil line cleaning / Detergent and dispersant
    • Oil Flushing / Reduces the viscosity of used oil to help drain the waste oil
    • Oil rinse – Rinse & clean to completely drain out residual oil

    * Not available for Canada and USA

  • Intake Spray tool

    • 9CL-47703 can connect EXT45 /EXT55 for Intake / Exhaust Cleaning
    • Size: Ø38 x 21L
  • A/C Spray tool

    • 9CL-47702 can connect CDC64 (400ml) for A/C cleaning
    • Size: Ø35 x 20L