• TC9 Engine flush machine & air intake clean machine

    • 3-step perfect flush
      • Active flush work with filter cleans engine oil line sludge and contaminants.
      • Intake & exhaust system clean during engine oil line flushing helps increasing engine performance.
      • 100% by machine power.

    For more information about this adapter set, please contact us here:

    * Not available for Canada and USA


  • Set de tournevis de poche (4 pcs)

    • Tournevis à la tête 3.2mm plat
    • La taille de poche convient le porter
  • Jeu de douilles de torsion à prise 1/2” (5 pcs)

    • Les douilles de torsion sont particulièrement utiles sur des écrous usés ou rouillés.
    • Ne pas utiliser les douilles à installer de nouveaux écrous.
    • Les douilles sont conçues pour être utilisées avec des cliquets. NE PAS utiliser de clé à choc.
    • La barre d’extraction à utiliser avec un marteau pour enlever des écrous bloqués dans la douille.
    • Applications:
      • 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 22mm
    • Stock Ref. No.: 9CL-91031
  • Quick Fluid Stopper Set

    • Can easily stop fluid flow within fuel injection, fuel supply hoses and other
      types of hoses and tubes.
    • Includes
      • 2 x banjo fuel line clippers
      • 2 x 5/16″ fuel line clippers
      • 2 x 3/16″ stoppers
      • 2 x 1/4″ stoppers
      • 2 x 5/16″ stoppers
    • Stock Ref. No.: 9CL-4111123
  • Adaptateur pour Subaru

    • Pour tous les modèles de Subaru
    • Filetage d’adaptateur: M42 x P4.5
    • Utiliser avec 9CL-62707
    • Stock Ref. No.: 9CL-61270-74
  • Entonnoir sans déversement pour huile/transmission

    • Fonctionne sur Honda, Acura, Nissan, Infiniti, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Isuzu, Lincoln, Land Rover, Mazda, Mini, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Saturn, VW
    • Comprend un adaptateur noir à 150° pour moteurs à accès restreint et inclinés, spécialement Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, Acura MDX, RDX, ZDX
    • Tige de remplissage d’huile de transmission pour remplir l’huile avec aise lorsque l’accès est profond ou étroit, particulièrement requis sur les véhicules Honda et Acura
    • Stock Ref. No.: 9CL–61270427481
  • Entonnoir universel avec pince de retenue 2 pcs

    • La pince s’ajuste automatiquement de 28mm-74mm (1.1″ – 2.9″)
    • Pas besoin de tenir l’entonnoir dans votre main lors du remplissage
    • Stock ref. no.: 9CL-612703323
  • Vidangeur du boîtier de filtre à huile pour VAG

    • Vide l’huile résiduelle du boîtier
    • Empêche les déversements et économise sur le temps de nettoyage
    • Stock ref. no.: 9CL-6126183
  • Oil Drain Hoses for Toyota and Lexus

    • For draining oil by connecting to drain valve on oil filter housings.
    • No unsafe oil spills on engine, chassis or floor.
    • Stock ref. no.: 9CL-6126181
  • Brake Bleeder 6PT Deep Offset Box Wrench Set

    • Set for fastening and loosening brake bleeder valves.
    • Offset design allows work in confined areas.
    • Extra thickness on wrench wall enhances coverage on bleeder valves,
      preventing undesired brake-off on rusty bleeder screw.
    • Double ended with sizes in metrics and SAE for most common
      vehicles on market: 8-10 mm, 9-11 mm, 3/8″-7/16″.
  • STORM 5W30 4L (Synthetic)

    • SAE: 5W30
    • API: SN
    • ACEA: C2/C3
    • MB229.51
    • VW502.00/505.01
    • BMW LL04
    • Porsche  Ford  WSS-M2C917A

    High performance synthetic lubricant formulated
    for petrol and diesel engines that require products capable of minimizing ash deposits (sulphate ashes, phosphorus and sulphur).
    Its specific formula meets the specifications of
    BMW and Mercedes-Benz.
    It warrants the utmost efficiency of the particulate filter of fuel oil engines, preventing it from clogging.
    • It lengthens the life of catalysts on petrol engines.
    • Fuel economy properties.
    • Protection against wear.
    • It meets the new requirements of ACEA C3 specification.




    1.Stabilizes HTHS-motor oil viscosity. This is the most important oil property which defines its protective properties. Determination of this viscosity takes place under conditions comparative to the oil film on the cylinder surfaces at + 150 °C and space shear rate.
    2. Increases viscosity index (VI) of variety of motor oils. This value specifies ease of engine cold start and protection from overheating. Wherein the product doesn’t change oil viscosity SAE class (it is not an oil thickener).
    3. Considerably decreases temperature and friction in the most loaded units of the engine, for ex. in the friction pair upper piston ring and cylinder surface. Thereby increase of the engine efficiency and engine power are possible.
    4. Thanks to the effects described above 9 CIRCLE STORM increases torque and engine power that is very important during intensive drive in a city.

    * Not available for Canada and USA


  • STORM 5W40 4L (Synthetic)

    • SAE: 5W40
    • API: SN
    • ACEA: C3
    • MB229.5
    • VW 502.00/505.00/505.01
    • BMW LL04
    • Porsche  Ford  WSS-M2C917A  RN0700/0710

    This is a full synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected very high quality base oils, formulated using the latest technology for Mid SAPS catalyst compatible engine oils. Its special formulation combines fuel economy with an extended service life. The reduced ash formulation protects particulate filters and exhaust after-treatment devices.


    9 CIRCLE® STORM includes HTPS (High Temperature High Shear) viscosity stabilizer.
    HTPS viscosity is an oil parameter from the 21st century that shows the thickness of oil film under real conditions of the engine: high temperature of 150ºC and high shear rate.
    HTPS viscosity stabilizer increases the power of the engine at the same time that reduces the fuel consumption, stabilizing oil film in the friction zones protecting the engine, being safe for modern sensitive engines.
    Recommend for use in the following conditions:
    • Traffic jams and short distance driving
    • Loss of power on low and middle rpm
    • Oil burning after small mileage
    • Increase of engine noise


    * Not available for Canada and USA