Cooling system vacuum purge and refill kit


Cooling system vacuum purge and refill kit

  • Coolant is easily refilled by creating a vacuum in the radiator.
  • Eliminate airlocks created while refilling coolant.
  • Checks for leaks and refills in seconds.
  • Provided with a universal adapter with 3 rubber rings:
    • 35 mm | 39.5 mm | 44 mm
  • Adapter rings expand ca. 4 mm when turning the rotor on adapter.
  • Stock Ref. No. 9CL-71012
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Packing BMC
Packaging 10 sets/carton
N.W 1.47 kg/set
14.7 kg/carton
G.W. 15.7 kg/carton
Size 35 x 24 x 8.6 cm/set
Size 49.5 x 44.5 x 36.5 cm/carton


  1. Drain coolant from the radiator.
  2. Select a suitable sized rubber bush, fitting it to the lower part of main body, and connect it to the radiator filler neck. When tighten the screw on the main body, the rubber bush will be squeeze to fit securely the filler neck.
  3. Connect the vacuum pump to the main body.
  4. Connect the air line to the top of the vacuum pump.
  5. Open the valve to create a vacuum in the cooling system. When the gauge reading falls into the range between -50 to -60 (-0.7 to -0.8 Bar), turn off the valve.


  1. Disconnect the air line and the vacuum pump.
  2. Connect the coolant hose to the quick coupler.
  3. Put the hose into a container filled with pre-mixed coolant. Make sure there is sufficient amount of coolant to be refilled into the cooling system.
  4. Turn on the valve and the coolant would flow into the radiator. The refilling process is done when the gauge reads zero. Make sure if the coolant is refilled with an adequate amount.
  5. Disconnect the air line and hose. Clean all the residual coolant in the devices before storage.