Featured products

  • 12.5 Liter pneumatic and manual ATF refilling set

    • For fast refilling new ATF on transmission without dipstick.
    • Special design combines pneumatic and manual functions together.
    • Large tank 12.5 liters (3.3 gallon) is suitable for refilling fluids with large volume.
    • Includes 10 adapters for most popular vehicles (Audi, Ford, Mercedes, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo).
    • Stock Ref. No. 9CL-625803373-9
  • Coolant quick exchange machine-C9

    • C9 is designed for fast exchange coolant without any spilled or dropped coolant.
      Recommended to work from upper hose, also available to work from radiator cap.
      Pneumatic power source.
    • C9 includes:
      • 2L chamber for showing
      used coolant status
      • 20L tank for gathering used coolant
      • 11L tank for distilled water and flush chemical (CL45)
      • 11L tank for new coolant (G13)

    * Not available for Canada and USA

  • TC9 Engine flush machine

    • 3-step perfect flush
      1. Active flush work with filter cleans engine oil line sludge and contaminants.
      2. Two 5 liters transparent tanks provide oil shower and air shower to flush out remained oil and flush chemical.
      3. Intake & exhaust system clean during engine oil line flushing helps increasing engine performance.
    • Stock Ref. No. 9CL-1301

    * Not available for Canada and USA


  • 7’’ low profile sway bar link pliers with sawteeth

    • Holds and easily removes sway bar link.
    • Special 3-point gripping design strongly grips and works on rusted nuts, pipes and other objects.
    • Thinner body (compared to 9CL-89101) to tackle limited space problems.
  • Multipurpose connector set (92 pcs)

    • For testing automotive sensors, electromagnetic valves, air bags, as well as other electric systems.
    • Suitable for all major vehicle types.
    • In use with digital multimeters.
    • Stock Ref. No. 9CL-47150
  • Oil funnel for Volkswagen

    • Funnel fits to oil filler neck.
    • No unsafe spills on engine or floor.
    • Transparent tube displays oil flow.
    • Hands-free working.


  • EXT43(N) Combustion Chamber Cleaner

    • Combustion chamber clean directly
    • Removes varnish and carbon deposits
    • Compression repair
    • Restores lost power
    • A smoother idle and acceleration
    • Reduction of exhaust emissions
    • Combustion Chamber Cleaner (250ml)
    • Holland Engineering / Made in EU / Bologna Italy

    * NOT available for aluminum engine block

    * Not available for USA and Canada

  • EXT55 Intake/Exhaust Cleaner

    • Air intake cleaning
    • Intake valves cleaning
    • Combustion chamber cleaning
    • Throttle body cleaning
    • Exhaust valves clean (Indirect)
    • EGR & VGT turbo clean (Indirect)
    • DPF / CRT filter clean (Indirect)
    • Work with 9CL-47703, 9CL-40800 or TC9 machines

    + Requires special spraying tools or equipment by 9CIRCLE

    + In case of overfull contamination, it recommends dismantle and handwork cleaning.

    * Not available for USA and Canada

  • Hand cleanser

    • Advantages: contains scrub,remove extreme dirt.
    • Application: apply small dosage of paste, rub hands, wash off with water.
    • Storage under temperature 0°C…+30°C.

    * Not available for USA and Canada

  • EXT26 Motor Reborn Cleaner


    • MPI /GDI /Diesel /CRDI  injectors clean
    • Combustion chamber & Intake valves clean
    • Exhaust valves clean
    • EGR & VGT Turbo clean
    • DPF / CRT Filter clean
    • EXT26 complete fuel system tune-up helps eliminate noisy
      injectors & fuel pumps, rough idle, hard starting and hesitation.
    • Motor reborn cleaner (250ml)
    • Holland Engineering / Made in EU / Bologna Italy

    * Not available for Canada and USA

  • CL45 Radiator & Cooling System Flush


    • Creates anti-corrosion

    • Safe on all components of the cooling system

    • Contains specialized buffing agents

    • Removes contaminants and sludge from cooling system

    • Recommended use will protect cooling system from rust and scale

    * Not available for Canada and USA

  • MP99 Oil Treatment & Conditioner

    • Drastically reduce exhaust smoke
    • Improve oil viscosity index & viscosity
    • Reduce oil degradation with temperature
    • Reduce friction
    • Quiet knocking
    • Increase oil pressure


    * Not available in USA and Canada