EXT55 Intake/Exhaust Cleaner

  • Air intake cleaning
  • Intake valves cleaning
  • Combustion chamber cleaning
  • Throttle body cleaning
  • Exhaust valves clean (Indirect)
  • EGR & VGT turbo clean (Indirect)
  • DPF / CRT filter clean (Indirect)
  • Work with 9CL-47703, 9CL-40800 or TC9 machines

+ Requires special spraying tools or equipment by 9CIRCLE

+ In case of overfull contamination, it recommends dismantle and handwork cleaning.

* Not available for USA and Canada

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Packing Can
Packaging 12 cans/carton
N.W 0.3 kg/can
12 kg/can
G.W. 3.6 kg/carton
Size 19 x 5.3 x 5.3 cm/can
Size 21.2 x 16.3 x 24.5 cm/carton


For diesel or petrol/gasoline engines

  • Run engine until warm, then increase engine speed to 1500-2000 RPM.
  • Remove air cleaner
  • Spray the content of EXT55 with any of these two kits: 9CL-40800 or 9CL-47703  into the intake manifold rapidly and constantly, do not let engine stall until the EXT55 is almost empty.
  • Allow to soak for 20-30 minutes.
  • Restart engine and rapidly open and close throttle for 4 to 5 minutes.

NOTE: This application must only be undertaken by trained professionals. This is not a DYI chemical.