EXT26 Motor Reborn Cleaner


EXT26 Motor Reborn Cleaner


  • MPI /GDI /Diesel /CRDI  injectors clean
  • Combustion chamber & Intake valves clean
  • Exhaust valves clean
  • EGR & VGT Turbo clean
  • DPF / CRT Filter clean
  • EXT26 complete fuel system tune-up helps eliminate noisy
    injectors & fuel pumps, rough idle, hard starting and hesitation.
  • Motor reborn cleaner (250ml)
  • Holland Engineering / Made in EU / Bologna Italy

* Not available for Canada and USA

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Packing Can
Packaging 24 cans/carton
N.W 0.30 kg/can
7.20 kg/can
G.W. 7.60 kg/carton
Size 24 x 5.3 x 5.3 cm/can
Size 32.3 x 21.5 x 27 cm/carton


*9-CIRCLE EXT 26 can be used on any type of petrol and diesel engine, from the first “Otto” or “diesel” internal combustion engine to the latest Multi-jet, TDI or FSI.

*How to use: Just pour a content of one can into the fuel tank with at least 10 liters or fuel for passenger vehicles or 50 liters of fuel for truck or buses, doesn’t matter if the fuel is gasoline/petrol or diesel, and drive your vehicle as always.

For more details, please download the instruction manuals listed below or contact your local dealer or contact us.


Reduce emissions by half when driving for 15 minutes with EXT26 added to 10 liters of fuel (car) or to 50 liters of fuel (truck or bus). EXT26 transforms this fuel into a power cleaner and cleaning will continue until all the fuel is used. EXT26 does not camouflage the toxic emissions as it doesn’t contain Cetane improvers but it contains exclusive cleaners enriched with EP lubricants. In the case where the diesel filter is replaced you may fill the filter with EXT26 to start the engine on pure product.


Some of the components of the EXT26 interact directly with the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. 250ml. of EXT26 will
reduce the deposits up to 75%.

3.Exhaust valves

Before entering the exhaust the vapor which survived the combustion will wet the stems and seats of the exhaust valves. High temperatures create a chemical reaction will take place between deposits and vapors eliminating the deposits.

4.EGR Valve & VGT

The cleaning vapours then reach the DPF, FAP or CRT filter helping the regeneration of the filter by softening the deposits which will then be burnt off. Above all EXT26 for a long time will reduce enormously the black smoke which in turn reduces the frequency of regeneration processes. Less regenerations means less diesel fuel ending up in the engine oil and an extended lifetime of the particulate filter.

5.DPF / FAP / CRT Filter 

Turbo portion of the cleaning vapors are directed to the EGR valve. Another is directed to the exhaust and although the catalytic converter will reduce part of the vapors, many will be applied to the fins of the turbo charger, wetting the surfaces and eliminating the deposits. Normally the warning light indicating a malfunction of the EGR valve or of the VGT turbo
charger will shut off within 50 km of driving.